How It Started…

Thanks for joining me! I’m prone to harebrained ideas. Usually something happens to make me realise they’re on the ridiculous side, but this time I was in a cafe by myself with internet access and an hour to kill. And nothing, apparently, to put the brakes on.

Here’s what happened.

Step 1. I saw a tweet a while back about a poorly funded library whose kids’ section was EMPTY. We’re talking two or three books empty. They had nothing. Like a lot of people I thought, huh, sure would be good if people would donate some books.

Step 2. I saw a tweet from a generous person with a library of 300 children’s books they wanted to donate to somewhere other than a charity shop.


Someone needs to get books from one place to another. Not necessarily those books and that library. But there could be any number of givers and receivers just waiting to find the perfect match.

Right. What’s next? Who needs books? I’ll start with something manageable like getting a few books to a few kids in time for Christmas. We give books on Christmas Eve and it’ll be nice to extend it a bit so that more kids get a story.

Maybe, I could hook up with the local food bank and sneak books into their Christmas deliveries (with permission from the families of course). That way, families in need will get them and I won’t need any personal details. I fired off an email to our local food bank and their answer was a resounding YES! Hurray!

Next how many? I confess I was thinking maybe a couple of dozen. The Foodbank asked for 100. 100 books. 100 children in my town having to use food banks. Horrifying and heart breaking.

So that’s it. 100 kids. 100 books. 100 sheets of wrapping paper. 100 rolls of tape. 36 days and counting.




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